Thursday, August 6, 2009

Paying By Credit Cards

Doing business over the internet can be made up of three things. Marketing (which includes advertising), buying, and selling. I would like to discuss about the mode of payment by using credit cards. Credit card payment is the most widely accepted by using Mastercard, Visa, etc. Beware of using your credit card. If it is not important better not to buy the products offered online or otherwise check carefully the integrity of the parties involved before giving information about your credit card account numbers and the 3-digit CV. Before you give your card numbers, account name, your birthday (sometimes) , credit card expiry date, and especially the CV number make sure that the website or web page is secured. Search or investigate first about the credibility of the vendor and make sure that they are not using the ordinary http://.
Make sure that they are using the https://. HTTP with S is the secured hyper text transfer protocol which means it is equipped with SSL or secure socket layer.
To explain further in a simple way, the "https" is the communication between the customer by providing the credit card information thru codes that could only be understood and interpreted by the particular server. This means that not all servers in the world or hackers can get the information that you have provided. It is not easy to get hacked your credit card by third parties. It may only be known or hacked by the administrators who are working with the particular server that administering the credit card processing or online merchant account processor/credit card processor but certainly this will not be allowed especially for those companies that offer this kind of services. It will only affect their credibility. They are working hand in hand to secure your personal account information and they have internal policies about this. You can search from the known search engines the "credit card processor" or "merchant account services" and get the list of those companies that offer this kind of services.

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