Monday, August 24, 2009

Knowing the Truth

How would you know the truth if the company that you are dealing with is engaged with fraudulent business? Well, to answer this question it can only be limited to investigate by gathering facts and not just listen to what other people say. Do not just rely on one person saying bad things about the company or a person. Sometimes other people want just to imply damage on others. Some people who work with that company maybe were saying good thing but because they are associates or affiliates and would like to fool others to protect their interest they use blog communities and other forms of media. While reading some online forums, make sure that the comment against a person or company does not come in just one source. Review all the forums available on the internet and make an assessment of your own. Check the credibility of the websites that had made comments either good or bad as well. Although some websites have no control on the sharing of opinions of their followers the best thing to do is to further investigate. Actually you have moved one step ahead if you have done checking what other people saying about your concerns. Investigate with the famous search engines and key in the company name, the filename of the intended files to be downloaded, etc and match it with the common keywords such as “fraud”, “scam”, and other terms alike. Always make this searching before you click a button to accept the suspected company’s offer. Although some of the readers already knew what to do it is good to be reminded with this simple way of getting the truth behind the suspected fraudulent company before you blame yourself out of impulsion.

It is good to check the trusted government websites that deal about the internet crimes and fraud. As what I said credibility of the company is need to be known.

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