Friday, August 28, 2009

Virus? How it Works?

This article is about "virus". How this virus had started? Who are those behind the viruses in computer? How does it affect you? Do you want to hear some stories about the virus? How to get rid of virus

Well, I will one by one discuss it here. See my next post and keep you informed!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Knowing the Truth

How would you know the truth if the company that you are dealing with is engaged with fraudulent business? Well, to answer this question it can only be limited to investigate by gathering facts and not just listen to what other people say. Do not just rely on one person saying bad things about the company or a person. Sometimes other people want just to imply damage on others. Some people who work with that company maybe were saying good thing but because they are associates or affiliates and would like to fool others to protect their interest they use blog communities and other forms of media. While reading some online forums, make sure that the comment against a person or company does not come in just one source. Review all the forums available on the internet and make an assessment of your own. Check the credibility of the websites that had made comments either good or bad as well. Although some websites have no control on the sharing of opinions of their followers the best thing to do is to further investigate. Actually you have moved one step ahead if you have done checking what other people saying about your concerns. Investigate with the famous search engines and key in the company name, the filename of the intended files to be downloaded, etc and match it with the common keywords such as “fraud”, “scam”, and other terms alike. Always make this searching before you click a button to accept the suspected company’s offer. Although some of the readers already knew what to do it is good to be reminded with this simple way of getting the truth behind the suspected fraudulent company before you blame yourself out of impulsion.

It is good to check the trusted government websites that deal about the internet crimes and fraud. As what I said credibility of the company is need to be known.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Internet Scammers Game

Everywhere there are people who think about how to fool others to make for a living!
No wonder that even if we are now in computer age they also seen online and make disguise about themselves! They are scammers that are often related to the following:
8..and lot of negative connotations!

The bottom line question here is how to get rid of them?

I pity all those victims that's why I have made an article that deals and discuss about the Online World of Crimes!
If you have some experiences let us know so that we could notify others before they engage themselves with the scammers! What we need here is how to detect if you are dealing one of these "tricksters"!

Brace yourself as I am going to reveal the secrets of these scammers! All what we know will be posted here! These will be based from our own personal experiences, what we have heard, what we have read. Those former scammers are also welcome to reveal their secrets! As the saying goes, "preventive is better than cure" let us prevent all these by early detection and once we have some doubts or gathered evidences we can report these to authorities.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Internet Scams

If you have some concerns about internet fraud please do not hesitate to post or make any comments. New,similar or related from what I have posted here can be subject for discussion.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hackers are the professionals which can be made up by the group of individuals or just an individual alone (hacker, singular form) who hack or get undisclosed information of the corporation or people for their own or personal interest which is against the will or consent of the source.

Beware of hackers and just be observant and cautious in dealing with untrusted websites and pop-ups on your computer screen!

On the internet do not just engage with sites that offer free downloads. Before allowing the files to be downloaded to your personal computer make sure that they are from trusted sites. Investigate and search for the forums or blogs concerning about the websites or the filename to be downloaded if there are complains about it.
It would be better if you do scanning on your hard disks, either built-in or external storage.

If you are using old version of the anti-virus software do not be contented of the scanning. Some viruses cannot be detected by the old version of anti-virus program. Make sure you have the latest version. Even if you have the latest version let us face the fact that there are new viruses being released that even if your new version of anti-virus may not the complete solution.

I would advise that you do multiple scanning. even if I have the latest version I do at least 2 times of scanning my personal computers and my external storage devices. Sometimes, one time scanning can skip other files to be scanned well so I run another scanning and I will stop it after I made sure that the result has "no virus found". It would be better if you update your anti-virus software from time to time if it prompts you to do so while you are online. As what I have said be careful and make sure that all downloads to your computer should be verified and has certificates or information about the source.

Avoid sites that have pornographic contents as much as possible since there are lots of virus spreading over the said sites. If you cannot resist just be careful!

I believe that those who spread viruses over the internet are the hackers.They are using programs and software to keep themselves informed about your activities online and get your personal information while you are registering to your email, signing ups, and keying your credit card info. To keep hackers away from getting into your confidential information some of the credit card companies are using special online alpha-numeric pad and you may key in by choosing the character using your mouse pointer.

To keep hackers out of the picture be cautious, observant, and hear what people say but do not just listen, support it by gathering facts and other relevant information.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nigerian Letter Scam

Have you heard about Nigerian Scam? Actually in my experience I almost get fooled by the said scam.

I have received bulk of spam emails from this scam and I wonder where they got my information. They even knew my name and some information about myself, this may be due to some of the sites I have encountered.I am suspecting that some of the site owners who were responsible on some of the online registrations I have made had sold my personal information to other parties like to the people behind the Nigerian Letter Scam.

I have managed to contact one of the guys with this Nigerian scam. Actually they have had contacted me and was asking to send money in order to process the funds transfer of the amount which was more than million USD.

For the sake of everybody, Nigerian scam were offering big bucks to your account. They will tell you that they are lawyer and their client had big amount of money, died on plane crash without known relatives. In order to transfer the million US dollars they will be asking you to send money to them first in order to process the release and the transfer of the money to your account. It is called the "Nigerian Letter Scam" because they were referring on the bank account in Nigeria or sometimes it is associated with the Nigerian bank or people. This scam is being monitored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation by the link I mentioned below under the

To give such example of the letters please find below:(Cut & paste from my email)

Thank you for your response to my mail and i quit appreciate your willingness to help deposite this funds to your Account.I am happy to associate with somebody like you to make sure that this transaction is a reality.This transaction will be concluded soon depending on our serious concern to it.

However,all i need from you is trust and understanding,Your contact details is equally important for easy communication.I amy give you a call when needed to relate any new development to you regarding this transaction.

Note that we have to hasten up to get this transaction concluded as soon as possible.I will need your Trust and contact details to know the person that am dealing with and to present you as the Next of Kin to the deceased .

I will be needing the following informations from you to tender to the Bank as that of the new beneficairy of the said $26.5m.


Full Names,

Right Address.

Company Names, (If any)


Phone Numbers,

Fax Numbers. (If any)

Marital Status,


As soon as i get the above information , i will proceed to the Bank with it and submit it as that of the new beneficiary.

This is simple,legal,legit and risk free as i will be giving you all the needed legal backups to make sure that we get the money.

Do get back to me immediately you get this mail.

Note that in your reply to me you were asking how you can trust me.I am the person that will be asking for your Trust and not you since the Money will be coming into your Account while i come over to get my own share of the Money.So be rest assured that if you can be trusted that you have no reason to worry about.

Waiting to hear from you soon.

Mr Prince .

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Paying By Credit Cards

Doing business over the internet can be made up of three things. Marketing (which includes advertising), buying, and selling. I would like to discuss about the mode of payment by using credit cards. Credit card payment is the most widely accepted by using Mastercard, Visa, etc. Beware of using your credit card. If it is not important better not to buy the products offered online or otherwise check carefully the integrity of the parties involved before giving information about your credit card account numbers and the 3-digit CV. Before you give your card numbers, account name, your birthday (sometimes) , credit card expiry date, and especially the CV number make sure that the website or web page is secured. Search or investigate first about the credibility of the vendor and make sure that they are not using the ordinary http://.
Make sure that they are using the https://. HTTP with S is the secured hyper text transfer protocol which means it is equipped with SSL or secure socket layer.
To explain further in a simple way, the "https" is the communication between the customer by providing the credit card information thru codes that could only be understood and interpreted by the particular server. This means that not all servers in the world or hackers can get the information that you have provided. It is not easy to get hacked your credit card by third parties. It may only be known or hacked by the administrators who are working with the particular server that administering the credit card processing or online merchant account processor/credit card processor but certainly this will not be allowed especially for those companies that offer this kind of services. It will only affect their credibility. They are working hand in hand to secure your personal account information and they have internal policies about this. You can search from the known search engines the "credit card processor" or "merchant account services" and get the list of those companies that offer this kind of services.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

How To Know Internet Scams

This site will discuss about internet fraud and scams. Share your knowledge and experiences to help the readers before engaging to any internet business.

It maybe useful if you follow the link below for some tips and guidance: