Friday, August 21, 2009

The Internet Scammers Game

Everywhere there are people who think about how to fool others to make for a living!
No wonder that even if we are now in computer age they also seen online and make disguise about themselves! They are scammers that are often related to the following:
8..and lot of negative connotations!

The bottom line question here is how to get rid of them?

I pity all those victims that's why I have made an article that deals and discuss about the Online World of Crimes!
If you have some experiences let us know so that we could notify others before they engage themselves with the scammers! What we need here is how to detect if you are dealing one of these "tricksters"!

Brace yourself as I am going to reveal the secrets of these scammers! All what we know will be posted here! These will be based from our own personal experiences, what we have heard, what we have read. Those former scammers are also welcome to reveal their secrets! As the saying goes, "preventive is better than cure" let us prevent all these by early detection and once we have some doubts or gathered evidences we can report these to authorities.


Admin said...

please report all scams at, find reported scams, and tell your friends about this site.

Chad said...

I would like to know where that quote came from: "Preventive is better thant cure," because that is a good quote and very true.

crazyhorse said...

Hi Chad,

Or simply we say, "prevention is better than cure" such common lines that refer to health topics. I am checking on the person who had said that line but it seems the source cannot be identified.

It is good that we are becoming aware of what these scammers could do to us before it's too late.

crazyhorse said...

@ Admin : Okay, I will check that out. Thanks for the feed.