Sunday, September 13, 2009

What Will You Do if You had been Victimized by Scammers?

Most people nowadays while we are now moving forward towards the advance generation of computer technology the scammers are making the full use of the system to fool other people for their personal interests. For some people, something illegal is just an easy way to get money. Lots are tempted to involve themselves into fraudulent acts.

Here are some tips if you had been victimized by scammers:

1. If you are suspecting that you have dealt with scammers the first thing to do is to report to the local authorities for verification and further investigation.

2. Once confirmed then you can alert your friends not to deal with such company that engaged into fraudulent activities.

3. Spread the news by taking advantage of the available media such as internet to inform everybody. You can go to social media like blog sites and join the online forums.

4. Make follow ups with the local authorities that handle the internet crimes and other related acts.

5. Do not cry if you have given money try to do some ways to get it back. Do not just sit down and be worried without doing anything. Take note about their business address and contact numbers if they have. Follow the advices of the authorities who conduct investigation or entrapment operation since they are more expert than you.

6. To overcome your trauma from spending your money for nothing, keep yourself busy on other things.

7. Try to accept within yourself that you did not lose instead you have gained experience that would make you strong. That was only trials and hiccups in your life. Like me, although I was a registered associate with a networking company and spent much of my savings to it 5 years ago I never lose hope in life and yet I considered it as blessing in disguise. Even though I lose money from it by investing I am so grateful that by attending many free seminars I became a different person. Before becoming an associate I was contented with the 8x5 office-work and wait for monthly salary but I have realized that in getting into business through its seminars I could possibly earn more than twelve months of my salary in just a month. All I have to do is to think with an entrepreneurial spirit. Did I lose anything, of course my money but it was for the exchange to my experience to become stronger. I considered that the seminar was the prize I got from spending huge amount of money. I know I could not learn from school all those experiences they shared. It inspired me until now as I go on in on to become successful.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

History of Virus

History of Virus:

The first computer virus had been firstly detected on the early ‘70s. In 1971 there was a computer virus that was called Creeper virus and it was detected thru the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network or commonly known as ARPANET. Creeper was the fruit of experiment by Bob Thomas. This Creeper program has the capability to replicate itself. The main purpose of this virus was to inflict the Mainframe made by DEC in the late 1960s. This mainframe was called PDP-10 or Program Data Processor Model 10 that ran under TENEX operating system. The Creeper virus was famous with the line saying, “I’m the creeper, catch me if you can” for all those infected computers. Because of this first virus there was a first anti-virus that had been made and it was called the “Reaper” that has the capability to delete the Creeper virus.

“Rother J” was the first virus that had gone out over the networks.This virus had been written by Richard Skrenta. Apple DOS 3.3 was the operating system that had been victimized by this virus and the spread had been possible through its floppy disks. Out of amusement during Richard’s high school life it was injected into a game.

During the times before the popularity of computer networks the viruses can only be spread through the use of media files, portable storages like floppy drives, etc.

Nowadays, viruses can be spread through networks and they have the capability not just to take control of your program in your computer but to detect your activities and get some non-disclosure information about you.

A simple virus can be made by using the assembly language program and those virus generators have other ways by using other type of programs to give harm to others.

There are some rumors that allegedly they are accusing those anti-virus makers as one of those who make viruses to spread over the networks. As some bad business concept, they create problem in order to sell the solution!