Friday, October 16, 2009

What is Telemarketing Fraud?

Have you received a call from a telemarketer telling about their company and the services they are offering? Or telling that you have won from a raffle that you don’t even have a clue how you have been granted with rewards? Before going into deep of discussion take note that once you have given money or personal information to unknown caller the chance of getting yourself into trouble is too high. It would be difficult to refund or get the money back but the worst is the damage that has been done if they got your personal information. Mostly of deceiving callers will ask about your personal information such as the following that it looks like a survey that they are conducting which they hide their secret agenda.
Common questions or information they would like to know that would look like you are filling up a survey form :
1.Your full name
2. Address
3.Credit card account number, or type of credit card that you are using.
4. Credit card CVV (Card Verification Value) number which is usually 3-4 digits depending on the card type that you are holding. The fraudulent telemarketer will offer you to buy their frontline products or services so that you will provide your credit card information to avail their offer instantly. By placing a purchase using your credit card of course they might now the expiration date of your card and other information that they would ask you prior to purchase.
5. Your email address
6. Your mother’s maiden name, date of birth, spouse’s name.
Some of the credit card companies are asking about basic questions before they entertain inquiries and disclose to you about your account information. Once the scammers have got all these information from you they might call the credit card company or your bank to get more information in your account.
7. Your job or position at work. How many are living at home?
They might ask you how long you usually spend your time at work. By knowing your daily routine as well the deceiving telemarketer will have a chance to send somebody to your home if there is an opportunity to rub your belongings. They are smart enough that even your neighbors will not think that they are rubbing your house.

Maybe you have received an email notification or through text (sms) about your free gifts, vacation, or prizes, but it will not be easy, they will ask you to pay postage, handling fees, and many more charges. This case is the same thing as stated in item number 4 above. You have to purchase instantly since the offer is just for the day and you have no time to decide otherwise you will never get the freebies. Legitimate telemarketers or company that they represent should not pressure you. They should give you a chance to think and if they pressure you it would be better if you seek advice from local authority.
It is obvious that they are into fraudulent business if they will tell you that you do not need to verify or ask more about their company information. Of course they will not give you a chance to verify their backgrounds. They want a short time transaction only.

How To Avoid Telemarketing Fraud?

There are some tips on how to avoid the telemarketing fraud.
1. You must conduct background check about their company.
2. Ask the telemarketer’s full name although they might provide you wrong information but at least you have done your part in getting more about them. Do not just believe but get further into your own investigation.
3. It would be good if they could provide you a formal letter and not just give what they are asking without black-and-white proof of transaction or their letter of intent or the like.
4. They should not ask to pay in advance. You must receive their services or products before you pay or otherwise if you trust their company’s credibility.
5. If they are representing charity organization think first if after giving the money, will they really use it for goodwill?
6. The bottom line is to know more about them first, do not be pressured. You can report it to local authority if they have some records. Seek help from the right agency, friends, and check the internet as well if there are some forums about their company or product and services that they are offering.

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