Friday, April 1, 2011

West African Drug Syndicate Behind Drug Mules

Some Drug Mules are Actually Victims!

Different stories of 3 Filipinos in China ended with the same fate by lethal injection. The execution was given on 30th of March . Two of them were women who thought their journey to China was an opportunity to have better job. Perhaps due to poverty and ignorance they had been used by notorious drug syndicate. I could not blame them if it never came out of their minds why they were instructed not to bring their own personal things but only bags given by their recruiters in exchange for about US$ 2,000.00 or even more.

West African Drug Syndicate

This is very alarming! There are more than hundreds of drug mules that are actually in death row right now. I believe many of them are just victims. The members of the West African Drug Syndicates are really the perpetrators. I was really affected by the senseless death of the victims. My heart is pounding and crying with madness every time I remember their stories. I do not really want to consider their deaths as meaningless perhaps it would be better for us to learn from it.

Death Penalty

Before, I was considering death penalty as solution for the heinous crimes (including drug trafficking) but now after hearing their stories I decided to change my stand a bit. In an ideal and perfect world of justice system I have nothing against it but if we are just relying what the book says or what the laws say without allowing our conscience and heart to interpret what is rightful for a person being accused, death penalty is certainly not the solution.

Do not get yourself into trouble! It is always a good practice not to trust anybody especially those people you do not know. Never accept baggage especially when you are about to enter in the new host country.

                                 Sally was 32, Ramon was 42 and Elizabeth was 38.
Fact: They did not know that they were about to be executed until they met their relatives few moments  before the scheduled execution.

We have to learn from their fate. May they rest in peace! I hope the recruiters will be punished by death!

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